Changing Internet password

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Changing Internet password


I need to change my Internet password as it is being used by someone that I no longer want to use it. Could someone please tell me how I could do this please. Is it possible for me to do it myself at home or would I need to ring sky to get them to change it for me. I really need to do this as soon as possible. Thanks

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Re: Changing Internet password

Hi Zyrus,


can you ellaborate on which password it is? theres no such thing as an "internet password" ,

do you mean your sky email password?

or your router's Wi-Fi password?


im gunna guess and say its your Wi-Fi want to stop someone from connecting to your wireless internet?


to change it click this link -> HERE <- and login in with:

username: admin

password: sky

then choose 'change wireless password' on the right hand side ... once you have done this your devices will have to reconnect and re-enter the new password (remember passwords are case sensitive, so if you set it in caps then you need to enter it in caps etc etc)


hope this helps Smiley Happy

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Re: Changing Internet password

I've tried doing this however it's asking for an authentification code & isn't accepting admin & sky. I've never changed these codes but suspect the person using my wifi may have. How can I get into it to change the password? Please help my usage is going up and up! Thanks
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Re: Changing Internet password

On the router/hub somewhere is a little hole where you can reset it to the default admin and password details. Be warned should you do this it will reset it to what it was like when you first got it so all the devices that connect to it like a laptop would have to be reconnected.


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