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Cant find skywirelessbooster.local.

I dont have a Router with a WPS button so am doing this manually.  I have followed instructions v carefully and even tried a reset, but skywirelessbooster.local comes up with a blank page all the time.   I dont have another computer so cant try something different.   Any suggestions.   I have a Mac and have turned off firewall to see if that would help.  How frustrating!

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Im having the same problem, My router doesnt have the WPS...

Im having the same problem, My router doesnt have the WPS button. I cant find the web page either. Says it doesnt exist . I called SKY and was advised that nobody else had reported this problem He suggested that I try with Chrome instead of Firefox but that didnt work He reckons he went on his computer and he couldnt find the page either.

He reckons the page maybe "temporarily " down and to try again but having seen the other posted dated from Jan, I dont think this is the case.


Has anybody any ideas please