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Cannot get a network connection on my HD box

I'm attempting to connect my Sky+ HD box to my BT router through a pair of Solwise Homeplugs connected by ethernet cable to the router and the HD box. I know the setup is ok as it works perfectly with my LG smart tv.


When I go to the Network page on the Settings tab under Services it shows 


Local Connection - FAIL

Service Connectio - FAIL

IP Address -



I've tried to set the IP config manually but nothing seems to work.


Any advice/help/fixes will be gratefully recieved.



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Re: Cannot get a network connection on my HD box

Hi JustDavid,

First of all I would like to welcome you the community Smiley Happy

As you are using third party equipment, we will be unable to provide technical assistance with this enquiry. Other forum members may be able to help.

The only advise that we could give is to ask if you are able to connect the box to the router with an ethernet cable - does the local and service connection change?


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