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Cancelling sky

Cancelled sky by email on 18/02/13 had an acknowledgement of email received from sky, waited 31 days cancelled DD as now moved from billing address, viewing card still active have since made several contacts with live chat and further emails sick of it now your cancellation process is absolute rubbish I have gone through correct procedure and glad I have saved all emails, this is Not on sky is at fault !
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Have you checked your bills at

Have you checked your bills at , to see if there is any reference to cancellation or "product change(s)" that indicates Sky processed it?


Did you use the password-protected email service, rather than general email, as identified as a valid method of cancellation in Sky's terms & conditions: " YOUR RIGHTS TO CANCEL"  ?


In the event that Sky receive a cancellation notice and decide that identity of the account holder requires verification (the terms & conditions state "You must give your name, address, post code and customer number when you are cancelling any product or service you have ordered from Sky", although the Help article doesn't) then they sometimes contact the customer, to verify their identity, and tell them that their subscription will remain active unless they arrange telephone contact.


Would you be aware if they'd sent mail to your former address? Did you receive any response, beyond an automatic acknowledgement, via the same method that you used to give the cancellation notice?


If you are satisfied that Sky should have processed your cancellation notice and did not, then you may wish to refer to the Sky Customer Complaints Code of Practice , which would enable you to refer a complaint to an ombudsman if Sky have not resolved it within 8 weeks of when you first raised a complaint to them (or earlier if you receive a deadlock letter).



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