Cancelling SKY account and subscriptions

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Cancelling SKY account and subscriptions

This is a message for future users encountering the same problem. I feel your pain. I would like to share my experience if that helps you.

There is light at the end of the tunnel, but only in my case (and many I suspect) after escalating it all the way to the top (see useful string: . Someone then picked up my request and it was resolved in a day. Whether SKY will make the process less painful for you (or their top execs) is to see, til then, good luck!




Re: account xxxxxxxxxxxx



Dear all,


apologies for the mass email regarding the elusive cancellation of my SKY subscription and account. I would have used the relevant communication channels had those existed or been made clear to me as a customer, or had they not broken down entirely (when I thought I had identified them).


a) Cancelling subscriptions in general


"We never forget that Sky is a choice, we put customers first and work hard to earn their trust".


I realise the meaning of the word 'choice' is not universal, and in SKY's universe, certainly not reciprocal.

I was baffled when I realised that each product had its own separate cancellation procedures, none of which made accessible to end users nor explained by and possibly to your support staff. Most customers will have a SKY package and by design would be forced to go through multiple lengthy and intelligible processes rather than through one simple, centralised process.

The SKY cancellation endeavour is so notoriously obstructive that the sole mention of wanting to leave SKY is usually met by snorts, rolling of eyes and a good luck pat on the back. So much for brand awareness.


b) Cancelling my TV subscription


I first contacted SKY via email ( on August 1 to notify you of my desire to cancel my TV and internet subscription, receipt of which was confirmed automatically.

When I contacted SKY by phone on August 15 however, customer services though acknowledging receipt of the notification disputed the validity of the communication channel, and therefore the date from which the notification ran.

I invite you to read the 13,056 words of your TV terms and conditions ( and point to where it says that only a phone notification is valid. I will help you, and let you know it is neither contained in article 11 or 13.


Given also that SKY is able to notify customers by letter or email ("Notices"), I believe it is only fair you extrapolate this measure to your missing legal mentions and give your customers the same choices. Thank you for cancelling my subscription at the end of August, rather than unduly charge me another 19 days in September, as suggested by your customer service representatives.



c) Cancelling my Talk subscription


It's only just dawned on me that Talk might have a separate process, please read the 8,733 words of your Talk policy ( and confirm with me that I only needed to give you 10 days notice (article 8.5)?? which I have done both by email on Aug 1 and by phone on August 15. Please ensure that my contract ends by end of August latest.



d) Cancelling my broadband subscription


After the aforementioned lengthy phone conversation of August 15 (how much is it again you are raking on premium numbers?), where I was unequivocally asking for SKY to cancel my subscriptions, I received a letter dated August 15 saying "We're delighted that you want to continue your Sky Broadband and Sky Talk Services with us. […] Your […] subscription will increase by £2.50 extra a month…"

I believe in corporations embracing mental health issues at work, but is it quite reasonable to employ schizophrenic staff? Or is it, as I and many are led to believe, that schizophrenia and customer contempt are an integral part to the SKY company culture?


I have since had the pleasure of spending hours learning about OFCOM regulations (Sky never fails to "entertain, excite and inspire customers"), surprisingly partly acknowledged by your own T&Cs (please read the 9,457 words of your Broadband policy I am sure you and your ageing parents are intimately familiar with MAC and LLU procedures, but your customer service representatives are not. Though I clearly stated I wanted to change broadband provider, I was not provided with a MAC nor explained why the process might not apply. I was only told I had to contact Virgin for them to sort out, which I tried to do on August 16. To this day, I still cannot work out which part of 11(g) in your T&Cs actually apply and what it is I am supposed to do, other than hang myself.


e) Conclusion


By now the length of this email should give you some indication of the level of accessibility and customer services provided to me and hundreds of customers exercising their rights to choose other providers. I'll let it up to you to "believe in better" for SKY. In the meantime, I am asking you to spare us Ombudsman and promptly provide me with a decent customer service, cancel subscriptions which should have been cancelled weeks ago, and ensure that I will not bear any charges I haven't already paid (I have paid all of August in advance, as you know per T&Cs etc…)


I am looking forward to some decency, promptness and common sense from some of you, any of you for that matter, that'll do.


Kind regards



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Re: Cancelling SKY account and subscriptions

Hi Aoibh8,


Thanks for the post and welcome to the forum,


Sorry to see that you are still having issues trying to cancel. I’ll have one of our team look into this further and will send a Private Message shortly requesting more details.



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Re: Cancelling SKY account and subscriptions

Can you please also ask someone to get in touch with me as I wish to cancel.



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Re: Cancelling SKY account and subscriptions

Sky won't contact you. The quickest way for you to cancel is for you to call them.

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Re: Cancelling SKY account and subscriptions

Depends on what you call quick, I've been waiting for over 5 mins for someone to pick up the phone, ironic really as we moved to Sky from Telewest a long time ago because we could never get through to Telewest!  Bet if I wanted to upgrade my call would have been answered immediately and free of charge, this call is costing me 12.5p for connection and 5.1p per min as I need to keep BT for work purposes!

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Re: Cancelling SKY account and subscriptions

I wish I had you're way with words, great post.


I'm calling to cancel in a few weeks as my contract is up and I'm dreading it, I know it's horrible but I think I'm going to say  I have 31 days to live. 

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Re: Cancelling SKY account and subscriptions

I too have been experiencing problems with cancelling my package.....


I telephoned to cancel the full sky package (TV, BB and talk) on 3.09.2012. I telephoned again on the 6.09.2012 to confirm that the cancellation had gone through, only to be told it hadn't due to the fact that I had downgraded my package earlier (removed sports and movies) and had to cancel again, and I also had to upgrade to sports and movies again and pay for a product that I no longer wanted just so the cancellation could go through. I was informed by an advisor that my last bill would be the £74.66 which was paid on 10/09/2012. I was looking at my sky account last night and I am going to be billed again for £22.16 for broadband and talk for November?  I have already cancelled and do not understand why I have to pay for a product that I dont want!! I have come to the end of my tether with your customer services and cannot face talking to anyone again. I e-mailed the 'complaints team last night and received the following reply - 


'I am sorry for the inconvenience caused to you with regards to excess charges and hope my reply below clarifies the position for you.


Having checked your account, I see that you have placed the request for the cancellation for Sky TV, Talk and Broadband service on 03/09/2012. Hence, I request you to wait till the services gets cancelled completely and the extra charges will be adjustment in your bill.


I hope this information has helped with your enquiry. If you require any further assistance, you can respond to my email.


Kind regards'




It has not heled with my enquiry. The way sky has handled my cancellation is both confusing and extremely annoying. Unless it gets sorted IMMEDIATELY I am going to the Ombdsman and possibly even Watchdog.


This whole process has changed my views about sky and has been very inconvenient and annoying and needless to say I will never come back to sky again!

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Re: Cancelling SKY account and subscriptions

Hi PaulGz


Thanks for taking the time to post.


I'm very sorry to read about the issues you've had, we need to get this checked out for you.


I’ll have one of our team look into this further and will arrange for a Private Message to be sent before midday tomorrow for more details.



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Re: Cancelling SKY account and subscriptions

Why do you only give users 12 hours to reply to messages and then close the case? I didnt check my e-mails within the 12 hour deadline and am presuming the case has been closed as so far no one has responded to my messages. Can someone get back to me to confirm that my problem is being looked into. My ref was 4499. Im fed up to the back teeth with messaging you lot. I want the money back that is owed to me! Sky really are the pits!


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Re: Cancelling SKY account and subscriptions

Been a sky customer for at least 15 years, sunday 16th dec 2012 our house was hit by lightening killing skybox, phones, broadband , electrics etc. Have no mobile reception where we live so finally contacted sky after xmas (29th dec) re skybox. Told i would have to pay £60 plus call out fee to have an exchange box. Decided to cancel my sky sub (a whopping £58 month for an old box (No HD or Sky plus) was told i could not do it there & then as i did not have my bank details to hand for "fraud prevention purposes"!!!!!! Sky took another £58 from me on the 4th Jan whilst i was abroad, finally got thro & cancelled on the 7th Jan so i will have to pay another £58 on the 4th feb as its 31 days to cancel even if you cannot recieve the service........ who is perpetrating the fraud here!!!!!!!!!!

You have been warned SKY is run by a bunch of Charlottans!!!

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Re: Cancelling SKY account and subscriptions

Hi marcus007,


Thank you for your first post on the Sky Help Forum, I wish it was under difference circumstances.


I am a little confused to what you have been quoted over the phone. I understand that your Sky equipment have all been damaged due to a lighting strike to your home? I hope your family are okay.


After explaining you situation, you should have been offered 2 options:


  1. Upgrade equipment (brand new box, router etc and get a fresh 12 month warranty on the equipment) OR
  2. Service Call (a one off charge of £65) which will cover fixing or replacing the all of your equipment to get your service back up and running. We know that your equipment is likely beyond repair so you would have got replacement equipment all round. You should have discussed Sky Protect.

The above options should have been discussed in our technical department prior to you discussing the situation with the cancellations department.


I am not sure where this "fraud prevention purposes" requirement for your bank details came from. You would have passed security via other questioning and we do not need your bank details to cancel your service.


I am so sorry to hear about this situation. I hope the above clears things up a little.



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Re: Cancelling SKY account and subscriptions

I want to cancel my Sky subscription with immediate effect. Can someone on the 24hr support team contact me as soon as possible as the telephone service for cancellation only works 8:30am - 7:00pm? I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks.

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Re: Cancelling SKY account and subscriptions

Sky won't call you in response to a post on the forum. See this post for details of how you can contact Sky to cancel. 31 days notice to cancel is required.