Cancelling My Sky Broadband Subscription

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Cancelling My Sky Broadband Subscription

This is mainly aimed at Sky themselves however if you can help at all it would be greatly appreciated.


I want to cancel my Sky Broadband subscription as I have been receiving less than half of the minimum speed I was promised and the technical support I've been offered to fix the issue has been a mixture of honest but unhelpful advice and a pack of lies.


My 12 month contract ran out at the end of September. At mid- August I rang Sky and asked if I could automatically cancel my subscription at that date but I was told I had to wait 14 days, or there about, before the end of my contract in order to cancel.


This was all well until I was sent on short notice to Afghanistan at the end of August. Having been unable to use your "Contact Us" options to get a hold of anyone by email (There's no way I'm using my thirty minutes of phone time on Sky Customer Service) and being constantly told that "The service is unavailable.", I cancelled my direct debit to Sky via my online banking as this seemed the next logical step.


I have now received an email saying that I am overdue my payment for this month and that if I don't pay the amount within the next 7 days I will be charged £4.00 a day thereafter. This seems excessive seeing as how my internet connection is not being used, my contract has expired with you and I'd like to think that my Customer Service history reflects that I want to cancel my contract.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Cancelling My Sky Broadband Subscription

Hi Mike+Donovan

I’ll have one of our team look into this further and will send a Private Message shortly requesting more details.

If you could reply to this, that would be great.


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Re: Cancelling My Sky Broadband Subscription

You are entitled by law,  to write to sky at anytime and tell tham that you wish cease their service at the end of your contract, send it by recorded delivery and cancel your direct debit from the date of the last payment.