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Can i cancel sky talk and broadband but keep Sky TV?

Ever since sky was installed in May 2011 I have had nothing but problems.

Quoted internet speed of 4-5 meg, I barely get 1 Smiley Sad

My phone is forever ringing with automated calls about ppi and loans, when I specifically stated to the sales man I DID NOT want, and which I was told wouldnt happen. I never use the landline and the only people who have the number are my family, friends, and my child's school. Unlikely it's going to be them passing my number on to 3rd parties.


I want to cancel the Sky talk and unlimited broadband because frankly it is an appauling service. My nan could walk faster than the internet speed, and she's had hip replacements! I don't want to pay for a service that leaves me less off than someone paying the same for a 10-15 meg speed.


Can I do this? Or do I have to cancel the whole package including my tv subscription?



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Re: Can i cancel sky talk and broadband but keep Sky TV?

You can cancel broadband and talk and keep Sky TV.

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