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Call back request

Hi there,


Just woundering if it is possible to recieve a call from sky today or ASAP, I have a small problem I would like to discuse, shouldn't take long a few minuits mabye and it would be greatly appriated. I would like to talk about my current bill but I am unable to call due to a minor finiacial snag.


Kind Regards

HR Anderson

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Re: Call back request

Its very unlikely Sky will respond here,they certainly won`t call you today even if they do see this message.

If its important then your only option is to call them.



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Re: Call back request

Hi harry+anderson,


Sorry about the delay responding to your post.


Unfortunately we don't have account access through the Forum so I can't arrange a callback. However I'm happy to try and help with your query Smiley Happy


What is it about your bill that you wish to discuss?


Let me know and I'll try and help.




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Re: Call back request

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Can you give me call me back on <REMOVED>


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Re: Call back request

Would like a cal soon as possible
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Re: Call back request

Sky will not call you based on your post on here so you will need to call them yourself and posting your phone number on asn open internet forum like this isn't a good idea as it can be seen by anyone anywhere in the world who is viewing this site.


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Re: Call back request

Hi @installation ,


Could you let us know what you need help with so we can help or direct you to the right place?



Graham H
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