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Broadband working but phone not!

This is becoming a regular occurrence now for the second month in a row the phone line goes off yet we still get boardband, what is the problem? I have completed all the checks you asked me to last month. Frustrated
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Re: Broadband working but phone not!

My phone line is not working either
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Re: Broadband working but phone not!

My phone not working either. Reported it to sky, haven't heard anything back.
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Re: Broadband working but phone not!

Hi have just read the posts about broadband working but not the phone I to have exactly the same problem.


Reported it on wednesday 28th in the evening at 6pm  after returning from work when we first became aware of it ,stupidly  we called sky of the mobile and after getting stuck on hold and spending £10 of call credit to be told i would be called back and then not recive a call back we used the live chat to report the problem. 

What a fun waste of time that is first we have to go through all the usual have you checked your phone line nonsense ,like were total idiots who would not have thought of that first !

then we were assured the problem would be delt with  without delay and would be up and running within hours. The following day it was still not working so reported it yet again and again asked to check phone line then told problem was locatedat the exchange and an unexpected delay had occured! again assured it would be esculated to high priority as I am reliant on phone due to medical needs even recived a call from sky advisor on my mobile assuring me it would be given top priority and definatly on the job sheet for friday, Well yes you geussed it  its friday and PHONE NOT WORKING . THANKS SKY grand job!!! Contacted them yet again via live chat and told would take 24 -72 hours  and yes yet again  they asked had i checked my phone line !! total waste of time .The call center staff give assurances that they can not stick to and claim to take personal control of overseeing the matter is delt with when they dont. Why do people do that why say things and then not do them?

Still tomorrows Saturday then we have Sunday to go so no doubt line will not even be looked at on a job sheet untill Monday.

still if i need medical assistance in a hurry and mobile has no reception at least I can always email someone :-) Smiley LOL