Broadband Shield Not Working

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Broadband Shield Not Working

Hi Folks

I have just changed from O2 broadband to Sky Fibre Broadband.

I was initially delighted how easy the Broadband Sheild was to work, and I went in to the customs setting to prevent access to:

'Pornigraphy and Adult'


websites as we have children using devices in the house, but this would still aloow us as adults to view typical adult discussion sites.

However it doesnt actually block anything, as I have selibreately searched these sites and access to them isn't blocked.

I ahve tried talking to Sky but they say in this case what I need to do is block access to specific websites by entering the IP address of each site I want to block, however this is completely nonsense and rediculous, how is this considerd parental controls, as how am I going to be able to get the IP address for every?

Had anyone any sensible ideas how to make it work.

Basically we have quite a number of devices and I want to block these sites via the router rather than each individual device.



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Re: Broadband Shield Not Working

Hi Zaria1234567,


Thanks for your post.


I'm sorry that you have had issues using Broadband Shield, did you receive the email stating that your Broadband Shield was activated?


If so, can you please clear your browsing history and cashe then try and access the sites again? Hopefully this should work.


I have also sent you a PM - can you please respond to that if you need further help? 


Let us know when you get it all up and running.




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Re: Broadband Shield Not Working

Hi both,

Has this been now resolved?


It appears that you are bypassing Sky Broadband Shield altogether, and I may know the solution to this. 

Ben-B - if this haven't been resolved - could you give me a shout.




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Re: Broadband Shield Not Working

Hi Just an update


I spoke to one of your coleagues on the phone, and it seemed the issue was resolved.


The Shield now works on my own laptop, and iphone, however it doesnt work on my childrens laptop. I have followed the instructions, and deleted the cache, history etc, then restarted their laptop.


The strange thing is, on my laptop it blocks the sites irrespective of which browser I use (i.e. firefox, or google chrome) however on my childrens laptop it will block access if using google chrome but not on firefox.


Any further suggestions?


Cheers Alan

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Re: Broadband Shield Not Working

Mine working on all iPhones, iPads and laptops - not on Mac. Reset everything, cache, etc and still not working on Mac.
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Re: Broadband Shield Not Working

Hi allsorts1234,


Glad to catch your 1st post on the Sky Forum.


Great to see you have managed to get the Sky Broadband Shield on to all your devices and a little strange that you can't get it added to your Mac, can you tell me what happens when you try to add it on your Mac, are you getting an error message or will it not let you add any details etc.



If you get back to us as soon as you can we can see what we can do to get this sorted.




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Re: Broadband Shield Not Working



What I mean to say is it works on all my devices, apart from my mac - meaning the Mac is still able to access blocked websites.


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Re: Broadband Shield Not Working

I too am still having issues, and havent had a response.


In the end I switched my broadband shield off as it wasn/t effective.


After a call from one of the Sky Shield team I did manage to get it to work on my laptop, and iphones, however it won't block the content on my childrens computer, and no error message is given.


Its as simple as being able to access any types of site.



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Re: Broadband Shield Not Working

It's very frustrating. I was under the impression the blocks were from router, but it seems that something is happening on individual devices in order for the blocking to work.

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Re: Broadband Shield Not Working

Thats what I believed as well.


However after talking directly to a emember of the Sky Sheild team it appears this is very much in its infancy, as there are only 20,000 users using at to date, and i dont think they have it fully tested for problems yet.


If its blocked at the router as they say, then it shouldnt matter what settting each device has, the router shouldnt be able to access blocked content.


If you have to clear cache files, and internet history and do all sorts of stuff, then if we wish to change or adjust the setting, we have to go through each devices history, and cache files before the Sheild takes effect, then its not at all effective.


The response form Sky hasnt been satisfactory at all. I also had a problem accessing my long standing email address via outlook after I changed to Sky (even though it would work perfectly when using my laptop via O2 and BT connections), and one representative told me to get a sky email otherwise ther was nothing they could do, not exactly helpful, not terribly impressed to be honest.




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Re: Broadband Shield Not Working

Hello allsorts1234 and Zaria1234567,


I am sorry to see that both of you are experiencing issues with the Sky Broadband Sheild. It's definitely created to protect you and your family from sites you don't wish to access.


I am pleased to see that you have this working on most devices, however we do need to get this working on all devices for you. It should not mean that you have to go through each individual device to get this working.


You able to go into the Broadband Shield settings and select what websites you would like for this to block. If you check here you will be able to see the Broadband Shield settings and make any changes you require.


Let me know how you get on with the changes to see if this helps at all.



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Re: Broadband Shield Not Working

I think you are missing the point.

Let me break it down.

I understand how to use Broadband Shield.
I received an email to say it is activated.
I have blocked two categories.
I have blocked two additional websites.
iPhone 1: Blocking works
iPhone 2: Blocking works
iPad: Blocking Works
MacBook: Blocking Works
Work Laptop: Blocking Works
iMac: Blocking DOES NOT WORK
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Re: Broadband Shield Not Working

Hello allsorts1234,


My apologies if I have missed the point.


I have emailed one of my colleagues to look into this further and get more of an idea as to why it won't block on the iMac but it works on all over devices. As soon as I have an update I will be able to get back to you so we can sort this out.


I appreciate your time and thank you in advance for your patience



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Re: Broadband Shield Not Working

It doesnt appear that skys representatives are actually reading these submissions made by their customers.


As allsorts 1234 states for them the shield doesnt work on their mac




On my systems:


Sheild will work on:


My personal Dell Laptop operating Windows 7

Iphone 1

Iphone 2


Shield will NOT WORK on:

Both by childrens Dell Computers operating Windows 7





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Re: Broadband Shield Not Working

Thanks for getting back to me Zaria1234567,


I appreciate this is not just a Mac issue. When confirming with Allsorts1234 this was to confirm it works on all of their other devices just not the iMac. In regards to the Broadband Shield not working on your Windows 7 computers, this can also be investigated.


I need to get confirmation from my colleague in regards to the Broadband Shield and ensure we can get a resolution for you.


I will be in contact as soon as I have a reply Zaria1234567.


Speak soon, thanks for your patience


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