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Breaking Bad

Hi I am just inquiring if you are airing Breaking Bad on sky Atlantic any time soon? I seem to of remembered seeing a advert for it but can't find it anywhere?
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Re: Breaking Bad

Have you tried Never Miss ?

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Re: Breaking Bad

I haven't seen it advertised.

Sky have seriously missed a trick with this.

BB is without a doubt the best tv drama series that has ever been created. I can only echo what thousands of other imdb users have said. Imdb score of 9.4!!!! That's insane
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Re: Breaking Bad

Hi All,

This is taken from the Never Miss link that kato has provided in relation to Breaking Bad:

Breaking Bad
Season 3 (UK broadcast status unconfirmed)
Season 4 (UK broadcast status unconfirmed)

Chemistry teacher Walter White has a two-year life expectancy after being diagnosed with cancer. To provide security for his family he sells drugs with help from ex-pupil Jesse. Now he just needs to dodge other dealers and the drug enforcement officer, which is a bit tricky when he's your in-law.

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