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B.T. Should change my phone socket for free

Hi there.

We've been through problems with sky before but now they all corrected. But everytime when we have a problem sky asks to check the main phone sockets to see if theres a test socket behind it. When we tell them theres no test tocket and even that theres no screws they like shocked!!! I looked into it on the internet and it seems we still have the old sockets where theres no test sockets and the face plate is clipped in not screwed. Do we have the right to get b.t. to change this as it is B.T. property and as its there property it should be free and it would be alot easier for sky to then when theres a problem and they ask about the test socket we'd be able to do it. We only have ONE main socket and we have NO extensions Sockets. Basically theres only ONE socket in the house. If it is meant to be free then what is there number for this particular problem and what should i say.


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Re: B.T. Should change my phone socket for free

Unfortunately it's not free. They usually replace it at the same time as fixing other faults, but if you want it done before that then it's costs £30 plus the standard call out fee of £130.