Anytime + Set Up With TP Link

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Anytime + Set Up With TP Link



I've had a trawl through and still came unstuck.

I have a TP-Link Wireless Access Point (TL-WA500G) which I am trying to use to connect my SKY to the Internet on my Sky router.


I have only once actuaslly managed to get into the TP-Link Set-Up screen, where I reckon I did everything I was supposed to.


However I am still getting service connection failures when trying to connect.


Can someone please humour me with an idiot-proof step by step guide to allow me to get this working?

It would be greatly appreciated.


PS - Should have paid the little extra for Homeplugs eh? Smiley Sad

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Re: Anytime + Set Up With TP Link

Hi Reaper73,


Firstly, I would like to welcome you to our Help Forum and thank you for getting involved!


Unfortunately, this is not a device which we actively support so are unable to provide a solution for you, however a member of the community may be able to assist.


Many Thanks,