Adding more devices on skygo

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Re: Adding more devices on skygo

I totally agree with all the above. We have 2 iPhones, an iPad, PC, 2 laptops, HD and multiroom. If Sky really want to promote mobile TV, they need to up the 2 device limit at least for multiroom subscribers.

I can't believe that they haven't at least introduced a charge per device ...

C'mon Sky, your slogan says Believe on Better. This is not Better, it's Worse!

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Re: Adding more devices on skygo

Hi kev+Freeman, 


Welcome to the Forum and thank you for bringing this to the Forum.


I can understand your frustration having multiple devices myself, however you are able to make a change to the devices once a month and you are able to watch the most amount of content available to you via both devices at the same time.


I know this is not ideal however we are always looking to improve our services.



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Re: Adding more devices on skygo

You should have included yourself in sarah-W Sky "survey" that concluded that most customers don't have multiple devices, have less than two devices and don't need to change them Smiley Wink

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Re: Adding more devices on skygo

It may well be the case that most Sky customers do not have multiple devices, however this service is being aimed at owners of iPhones, iPads and laptops - I expect that most of these customers do own multiple devices.


In the past there were more channels available to anyone with Windows Media Centre, but this has now been withdrawn. It is great that I can now watch on my iPhone and iPad but I can no longer watch on any of my 3 computers. I can fully understand the limit on simultaneous streams, but it I believe I should be able to register more than 2 devices at any time to provide flexibility.


Hoping for a change of heart from Sky.





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Re: Adding more devices on skygo

After paying for Sky it's surprising the viewers can afford more devices than two!!  But come on Sky, even your TV ad shows the flexibility of the idea & now you want to limit to two.  Would accept only two at a time but you've kicked out the flexibility which is the main idea of Sky Go.


Come on Sky.  You'll get done for false advertising.

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Re: Adding more devices on skygo

I have an xbox 2 apple devices and a couple of computers at home. 2 devices is no way adequate! In fact its really ruddy frustrating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



please add more devices!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Re: Adding more devices on skygo

If you won't allow more than 2 devices at least permit more than one change per month, 4 would be a reasonable number.
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Re: Adding more devices on skygo

Is there any way to reactivate removed devices, assuming that you have only one device connected?


Just another query, Sky Go tells me that my device is not registered and at the same time tells me I can use Sky Go Desktop on the same computer as I have it installed.However when I do use Sky Go Desktop it tells me that the device is not registered.I am also told that if I have only one device registered a second will be registered when I watch contect but I get the device unregistered when I do.


Any help would be greatly appreciated please.



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Re: Adding more devices on skygo

Hi skyuser5847,


A possibility in your case could be the presence of a firewall blocking the service. Can you confirm whether or not you are currently connecting to SkyGo using a home network? Or an external network e.g. Work, university network?





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Re: Adding more devices on skygo



Ive got to say that only having sky go for two devices and only being allowed to change devices once a month is terrible. I use sky go for my Iphone, ipad and my pc at work. I cant get into it now as I have changed devices too many times.


What a load of rubbish...


sort it out sky.....



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Re: Adding more devices on skygo

I agree about the restrictions on changing devices is ridiculous. We have 4 laptops in the house, 2 iphones and 2 ipod touchs... We would like to be able to swap around the devices as we wish!

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Re: Adding more devices on skygo

Surely the solution is obvious here, install on any number of devices but only allow two concurrent streamings. If the restriction is to prevent drop in the ridiculous multi room cash-cow charge, or to placate arcane content provider restrictions, this solves everybodys problems Smiley Happy I don't want to have Sky on six devices at the same time - just not be restricted watching when I want on a device of my choice. It's so obvious it makes me weep that no one at Sky has not considered this!
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Re: Adding more devices on skygo

Another solution to the problem is keep the 2 limit, but make it 2 per box subscription, so incorporate your multiroom subs into how many devices. Create a sub account for each multiroom box, and then they get their 2 devices as well, therefore:


1 box = 2 devices 

2 boxes = 4 devices

3 boxes = 6 devices


So, the more money you're putting into skys pocket, the more devices you get. So if you're a family with a couple of multirooms for the kids, their laptops / iPads get sky Go on them.

It's all rather logical really. I have 3 boxes in total in my household, thankfully no one really wants to use sky go apart from myself, but I've got iMac/Laptop/iPhone/iPad, so I have to pick my 2 devices that I want to watch it on. 


Maybe Sky will eventually do something, because giving every subscriber 2 devices, when some pay a hell of a lot more than others, just doesn't really work well. 



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Re: Adding more devices on skygo

This realy sucks, I think its time to ditch sky and use only freeview, free  hd in as many rooms as i like and £100 a month in my pocket

Bad move Sky   Smiley Mad

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Re: Adding more devices on skygo

Hi All,


Wow, i didnt realise there were this many people as upset as me on this. I totally agree it should be 2 devices "at a time" and not 2 devices "ever."


I tried to fix this using normal live chat with sky and this is the unprofessional response i got,


Tell me what you all think of this lack of customer care:


Welcome to Sky Live Chat Service. A Sky Advisor will be with you shortly.

Chat InformationYou are now connected with Javed .

Javed : Hello, you're chatting with Javed , a Sky advisor, may I take your name please?

You: Ben *******

Javed : What brings you to our web site today?

You: i have an issue with sky go and i have already spoken to an advisor but the problem hasn't been sorted out as promised. I want to check what has been done.

You: I use sky go on my iPad and sometimes on iPhone. however, the other eve, i didn't have iPad with me and watched it on my macbook. Now i have iPad back and it won't let me watch sky go on it for a month.

You: i wasn't made aware of this and i want it reset so i can use it on iPad again. note. sky go did not work on the mac anyway so it was a waste of time.

Javed : What is your Sky iD(username)?

You: *********

Javed : With Sky Go, you can change the register device once in a calendar month.

You: i know this now

Javed : The error, you are getting is because you have exceeded the device limit.

Javed : I would be glad to reset the device for you. However, system doesn’t give access to reset the device. It will directly and automatically reset it by the system after 31st of January.You will be able to add new device on 1st of February.

You: this is not acceptable

Javed : Following the launch of Sky Go, we have reviewed our policy for the number of device changes that can be made and we can now confirm that once two devices have been registered, subsequent changes are restricted to one per calendar month.  This change includes removing one device and adding a new one its place.  We hope this provides clarity

Javed : As a subscription based TV broadcaster we are obliged to fulfil certain contractual obligations with our content providers.  This includes limits to the number of devices customers can watch content on and the number of changes that can be made

You: Javed i understand that but you don't explain that when i am swapping one device for another

Javed : Let me check your account and help you with the exact details.

You: I am never going to use it on the macbook again (especially as it doesn't even work properly on here) so i just want to reset it all

Javed : To access the account details, I will need to go through some security questions with you. Is that ok?

You: I'm sure with a little customer care what i want can be achieved with little hassle.

Javed : Please confirm the full name/surname for the account along with the home address including postcode.

You: Ben *******

You: ** ******** *****, ******, *******, **** ***

Javed : Are you the account holder?

You: yes

Javed : Can you confirm your mode of payment?

You: d.debit

Javed : And the last two digits of your bank account number?

You: can you fix this or not?

You: whats the point of me answering these questions if you turn round at the end and say you can't fix it?

Javed : I am sorry, if you have exceeded the device limit than it will reset it by the system after 31st of January.

You: you are not helping me

Javed : Can you confirm last two digits of your bank account number?

You: why are you asking me these security questions if you cannot help me?

Javed : I need to check your account and can see, why you are getting this error?

You: Javed. We know why i am getting the error. This is not in question. What i am asking you is if you have the ability or the knowhow to reset the system so i can watch sky go on the iPad or the iPhone now rather than in a months time. Either you can fix it or i will ask someone else who can and if no one helps me i will leave sky an use another company.

You: this is ridiculous

Javed : I understand your concern, but we don't cannot reset the device.

You: right well that is simply not good enough

Javed : I would be more than happy to reset it for you system doesn't give access.

You: How do i go about cancelling my sky account?

Javed : As you are connected to Sky Go web chat team, let me send you a link to know more about cancelling your account. Is that ok?

You: yes

Javed : Please click here to know more about cancellation.

Javed : Did that open for you?

You: Thank you for not fixing my sky issue Javed

Javed : I am sorry for that. I would be more than happy to reset it for you. However system doesn't give access to reset it.

Javed : It was really nice chatting with you today.

Javed : Good bye.

Chat InformationThank you for contacting Sky. Your chat session has been closed by the Sky Advisor.



The advisor shows no sincerity, no care and no support. Why did he even ask all of thise security questions? I know he didnt need to ask all of those for a fact as previous live chats with advisors have asked for JUST my sky ID and got into my account. Javed was indeed taking the mickey and i have emailed sky complaining about him. With unemployment levels what they are globally, give someone else his job who might just treat people right.



Dear Sirs,


I wish to complain and then cancel my subscription to Sky completely. The reason for this is that i have had such a poor response to something simple i have lost confidence in Sky completely.


I installed Skygo on the iPhone and then on the iPad. Using it was very good and suited me as i travel a lot. One evening when i didn't have my iPad with me i decided to watch it on my macbook but this did not work and no matter what i tried it failed showing me an error 1501 or similar. I eventually gave up but not before i did some research into it to find many people had the same issue with macbook and sky go so i am certain Sky is well aware of ongoing issues there. This is not my complaint however.


The next evening with the iPad back, i tried to watch sky go again and i am told with a little pop up i cannot as i have made the max changes etc.


I spoke to Steevan on live chat initially on the 1st Jan and he explained the rules you have but said he would try to reset it for me. This although seemingly helpful was not and nothing was done and the system did not reset.


Today i have just spoken with a customer care agent who has taken the mickey out of me and failed to do anything other than make me so angry i am leaving sky and using virgin media instead. I have a copy of the conversation saved. After explaining to me what i had already been told by the first agent, he then said to me. "Let me check your account and help you with the exact details."


What does this mean?


Perhaps it means he will genuinely try and help me. Perhaps he CAN help and just needs to get into my account.


No. I answered several security questions, more than is required until i simply asked what the point was of asking these questions if he cannot fix it.


Javed could not answer this question.


He was taking the piss.


This lack of customer care is so poor and I am totally dissatisfied with Javed and Sky as a company.


All I wanted to do was be able to watch sky go on the iPad again and i am told i have to wait for the end of the month to do so. This is 2012!!! What is going on here??


Now i want to know the following...


What can you not reset the sky go account for me to do what i want?

Why did Javed ask these questions unnecessarily? (Username, full name, full address, Parts of bank account no.)

How do i go about cancelling my full sky subscription?


Your sincerely


A very unhappy previously loyal customer