3D On Demand Movies

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3D On Demand Movies

I just wondered why 3D movies never seem to appear in the On Demand movies.


I missed 'Life of PI' so was hoping to catch in in 3D On Demand.

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Re: 3D On Demand Movies

Life of Pi was, and hopefully still is, available in 3D under the Showcase tab.


There's a software glitch where not all content is showing in Showcase.  You can do two things to find it.


i)  Use a Sky+ app on a tablet or phone and it should appear in the Showcase section.  You can play it but not save to your planner.


ii)   Go to services > options > customise and turn off  'enable on demand downloads'   save with the green button.  It should then be in the list.  Press record to save it to your planner.    Then you can switch 'enable on demand downloads' back on again!!


Hope you find it. 


At the time of posting the Android Sky + app wasn't finding any on demand content for me! Another (temporary) glitch I assume.


Apologies and thanks to derek500 for the shameless copy and paste of the solution from another thread

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Re: 3D On Demand Movies

Thanks got that, I had only looked in the movies section.
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Re: 3D On Demand Movies

Can anyone still find Life of Pi 3D using the two methods above?  I tried and only the non 3D version is available.


It looks like I have missed the boat on this.


Can anyone confirm if the 3D version will be available over the Christmas period?


Many thanks!


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Re: 3D On Demand Movies

Good afternoon nedpeas,


Thanks for getting in touch.


It would look as if Life of Pi in 3D is currently not available. You can have a look here to see what Movies will be available on Sky over the Christmas period. You can also use Sky's Never Miss service, this allows you to set reminders for your favourite programmes/movies. When they will be on TV you will receive an email to tell you when and what channel.


I hope this has helped. If you need anything else let us know.



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