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TV licensing and Sky Go

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Do I need to have a TV license to view Sky Go content?


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For watching any form of Live TV in the UK a TV license is required.


With today’s technology, you can watch TV on more devices than ever, whenever it suits you best. This means a TV Licence doesn’t just cover you to watch TV at home on a TV set. You can also watch or record television programmes as they're being shown on TV, through all of these devices:


  • Computers, including laptops and tablets
  • Mobile phones
  • Games consoles
  • Digital boxes
  • DVD/VHS/Blu-ray recorders.


If you are watching catch-up services online only i.e to catch up on programmes after they have been broadcast Live on TV, then you do not require a TV licence.


If you are currently a Student and the below points are relevant to you then you would not require a TV license:


  1. Your out-of-term address is covered by a TV Licence
  2. AND you only use TV receiving equipment that is powered solely by its own internal batteries
  3. AND you have not connected it to an aerial or plugged it into the mains.

Further information can be found here.