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TV Link

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This guide provides a step by step guide to setting up your TV Link (magic eye). It also shows you how to troubleshoot issues you may be facing during or after setup.


A tvLINK allows control of a Sky box from a different room. The tvLINK eye sits on top of the TV in the bedroom or other remote viewing point. A separate tvLINK is required for each additional television.



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 What do I need?


  • 1 X tvLINK
  • Length co-axial cable (should be no longer than 30 metres)
  • Additional Sky Remote (recommended)
  • Secondary TV with aerial port


Please note: An IO link is required if you have a Sky+HD 2TB box (WiFi built in) 


Both tvLINKS and IO Links can be purchased from Sky here.



Connecting your tvLINK



1. Press standby on your Sky remote. (Sky box switches to standby.)

2. Switch off the power to the Sky box or disconnect at the mains power supply.

3. Ensure any connected equipment (TV, DVD etc) is powered off at mains.

4. Confirm there are NO lights on the Sky box or connected equipment.

5. Locate the RF OUT 2 PORT (on back of box) and connect one end of co-axial to this port.

6. Run the the co-axial cable to the secondary TV ensuring it is a continuous cable run.

7. Connect this end of the co-axial cable to your tvLINK 

8. Now connect the tvLINK to your TV aerial port.

9. Place the tvLINK remote eye in a prominent position so it can pick up the Sky remote.

10. Reconnect and power on Sky box and other equipment. (ensure standby light is on)

11. Switch on the TV as normal.

12. Wait 2 - 4 minutes after red light displays and then press the Sky button to switch the Sky box on.



Activate tvLINK on your Sky box 



1. Press Services, you'll see options highlighted in the top left

2. Press right arrow, highlight Settings and press select. (Picture will be highlighted)

3. Press 0,1, select. Setup will be highlighted in the installer menu (middle of screen)

4. Press right arrow to highlight RF OUT and press select. RF Channel will show as 68.

5. Press down arrow to highlight RF out power supply.

6. Press right arrow to change setting from OFF to ON.

6. Press the green button to save.

7. Press your Sky button to return to normal viewing.

8. Ensure the Sky box is switched ON, and on a channel, then tune the TV to the Sky channel being supplied by the Sky box.


Once the TV has been tuned correctly the Sky picture should be visible on the allocated channel on the TV. It will now be possible to control the Sky box functions (TV Guide, access the Planner etc.) using the Sky remote via the tvLINK. 





  • Most faults are caused by poorly fitted connectors causing short circuits, not allowing sufficient power to be passed through the coax cable to the tvLINK.
  • The co-axial cable connection should be unbroken and a continuous cable run. There should be no splitters, boosters. amplifiers or wall plates in use.
  •  The co-axial cable run should be as short as possible to avoid signal and power loss over longer distances - the cable run should not exceed 30m.
  • Once activated, RFout2 is the only socket that provides the 9v power supply required to operate the tvLINK. The RFout2 power supply must also be turned on from within the settings of the Sky box
  • A distribution system can amplify the power supply and provide a signal to more than 1 TV - tvLINK distribution systems are not supported by Sky.