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Sky Wireless Connector & Non Sky Router

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Will your Sky wireless connector and your third party router not connect despite inputting the password correctly? Even though you have considered upper and lower case characters? (please note we cannot offer technical support on a third party router but our community members may be able to give advice)


In some cases the problem can be down to the fact that some routers offer an additional layer of security over and above the use of a password (through WPA/WEP).


They make use of an Access Control List managed by software installed on a computer connected to your router and is reliant on the use of MAC addresses and MAC filtering.


This router/access control list software requires you to pre-identify the MAC address of all devices to be attached to your network.  It is a prerequisite that all devices that conform to wi-fi standards have a MAC address - Sky wireless connectors are no different in this regard.   Essentially this means that only devices known to the router can be connected, regardless of the use of a password - it prevents neighbours, for instance, from second guessing your password and connecting to your network !!  So if your router is connected to other devices in this way e.g. an iPhone or laptop used in the same location you need to know the MAC address of the Sky wireless connector.


A fix which may work for you is as follows:


Sometimes MAC address labels can be printed wrong , but only by 1 or 2 characters (of a total of 12 hexadecimal characters ie consisting of 0-9's, A-F's).  First things first, identify the seemingly incorrect MAC address - it appears as a 12 character string above a barcode with another number and barcode immediately below the Sky wireless connector.


Example MAC address label:

mac adress.JPG



  • Temporarily turn off your access control list in the software used by your router supplier (eg NETGEAR)
  • Check for additional wireless stations - notably with a remarkably similiar MAC address to that identified above. 
  • Add this correct MAC address to your access control list and then turn on access control again. 
  • Forget the incorrectly printed one !  

We hope this helps you, please post on our community forum and let us know the results - Or if you want to help anyone in our community out with your skills please do.


Article kindly provided by our community member: jn36 Say thanks with the Kudos button on the post which inspired this article! kudos.JPG