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Sky Digibox / Sky+ "Ensure an operating telephone line is connected"

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If you are attempting to book a Box Office Movie/Event or access certain interactive services through your Sky box you must have an active telephone line connected. If you encounter the onscreen message “ Please ensure that an operating telephone line is connected” the below troubleshooting steps should be followed :


OSM Telephone line.jpg



Check Microfilters/ADSL filters


If you have Broadband enabled on your telephone line you will require a microfilter/ADSL filter to be plugged into each telephone outlet.






A microfilter/ADSL filter, is a device that allows broadband to work over the same line as your telephone and helps to eliminate any interference with other equipment that is connected to your telephone line, such as your sky box. Without microfilters connected you may :


  • Encounter problems with your set top box connection to the phone line including failed callbacks from your set top box, difficulty in ordering box office services
  • Experience slow or intermittent connection problems with your Broadband service.
  • Hear noise on the line when you make or receive a telephone call.


It is vital that:


  • A microfilter must be the first thing plugged into each telephone socket that is in use.
  • Each telephone socket in use should have only 1 microfilter connected.
  • Other connectors, splitters or devices must not be directly connected to the telephone socket before the microfilter.

When to use microfilters and splitters


A microfilter is needed for every telephone socket in use that has equipment connected.


For example:


  • Every Sky set top box (or Digital TV box)
  • Broadband modem or router
  • Games consoles
  • Telephones
  • Answering machines
  • Fax machines
  • Alarm systems
  • Extension cables



Check Phone Line Connection


It is important to check that your telephone line is correctly connected to both the telephone socket and your Sky box.


Using your Sky Remote Control:


  1. Press the standby button. The standby light will display on the front panel of your Sky+ HD box
  2. Switch off the box power supply or remove plug at mains socket.
  3. Ensure all connected equipment (TV, DVD etc.) is switched to standby then switched off/disconnected at mains.

Check that there are no lights displayed on your box or connected equipment.


  1. Ensure that you have a modem cable (grey/white telephone cable) connected from the socket marked Telephone Line on the rear of your box to an operational telephone point.

    Telephone line to rear of box.gif
  2. If unplugged, reconnect your box to mains socket.
  3. Switch box power supply ON at mains socket.  The Red standby light will be displayed on the front panel of your box.


Sky+ HD/SkyHD, wait 2 – 4 minutes after red light displays.


  1. Switch on, or reconnect, all electrical appliances that were disconnected at power supply.
  2. Switch TV on as normal.
  3. Press the Sky button to return box to full power, the green light will be displayed on the front panel of the box


Check the status of your Phone Line connection


Sky Digibox / Sky+ (First Generation White Sky+ box)


Using the Sky remote control:

  1. Press the services button. The Services menu will display onscreen.
  2. Press down arrow to highlight System Setup and press select.
  3. Using the down arrow highlight System Test and press select. Telephone line connection status is displayed.


The telephone line connection status will display:



The telephone line is connected and available.


The telephone line is connected but is in use.

Not Connected

The telephone line is not connected or a connection cannot be established.




If telephone status displays : Not Connected


Replace microfilters /Extension Cables/ Telephone Line Cable


If a modem cable, microfilter, multi socket adaptor or extension cable is faulty your Sky box may not read the telephone line status correctly, or it may not pick up the line connection at all.

Try replacing any microfilters, extension cables or the telephone line cable and check if the box can now establish a connection.



Test Telephone socket


If possible, test socket with a regular telephone, connected directly without splitters or extensions, to determine if socket point is ok. If the telephone socket point is faulty or you are unable to hear a dialling tone please contact your telephony provider.