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Self Installation of your Sky box

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If you have upgraded your Sky+ box for a new Sky+ HD box you now have the option of having your equipment installed by a qualified Sky engineer or you can choose to install the equipment yourself.

If you've recently upgraded to a new Sky box and selected the Self Install option this guide will support you in installing and activating your new equipment. There's no longer any need for you to call us to activate your viewing card it can all be done online at a time that suits you.


Self Installation : Sky+HD


To install Sky+ HD you will require :


  • A Sky+HD box
  • A HD/HD Ready Television (to benefit from the High Definition Channels)
  • An HDMI cable (To connect your HD TV and Sky+ HD box to recieve HD programming)
  • One or Two Dish Input Cables ( To benefit from the full features of Sky+ you will require 2 Dish Input Cables connected from your Satellite dish to your Sky+ HD box)
  • Sky Viewing Card


Installation : Self Set Up


To install a Sky+HD box with two dish input connections you will require to undertake the following steps :


Note : Please note that any recordings currently stored within your Sky+ box will not be transferred to your new Sky+HD box. Any recordings stored within the hard drive of the box will not be accessible. Any recordings should be viewed or transferred to DVD (DVD recorder required).



Disconnecting your old equipment :


1. Disconnect your existing Sky+ box from the mains power supply.

2. Unscrew the dish input cables from the back of the Sky+ box

3. Disconnect the SCART cable connected between your Television and your Sky+ box

4. Remove your Sky Viewing Card (The Sky viewing card may be stored behind a flap on the front right hand panel of your Sky+ box).



Connecting your new equipment :


1. Connect the two dish input cables to the Dish Input One and Dish Input Two connections on the rear of your Sky+ HD box.

2. Connect the HDMI cable into the HDMI slot on the rear of your Sky+ HD box with the corresponding end connected to the HDMI slot on your Television.

3. Connect your telephone line into the telephone socket on the rear of the box.

4. Connect the Sky+ HD box to the mains power supply

5. The Sky+ HD box will illuminate an amber/red light on the front panel of the box indicating standby mode. The box should remain in standby mode for 2 minutes prior to powering up your box.

6. Power up your Sky+ HD box by pressing the Sky button on your Remote Control

7. You will be presented with the Sky Information Channel onscreen (Channel 998)

8. Using your Sky Remote control turn to Channel 106 (Sky One)

9. You will be presented with an On Screen Message advising "Please insert your Sky Viewing Card"

10. Insert your Sky viewing card into the viewing card slot (the viewing card slot is located behind a flap on the front panel of the Sky+ HD box).

11. To fully activate your Sky+HD services and subscription channels you will require to pair your Sky viewing card to your new equipment.


To pair your card simply go to and select Activate your channels.


You'll need to provide a few details from your new Sky box for us to pair your card successfully, to obtain these details follow the steps below.



Step 1


Press Services on your Sky remote.



Step 2


Scroll to Settings using the Right arrow key on your Remote Control and press Select.





Step 3


Scroll allong using the Right arrow key highlighting Details then press Select.





Step 4


Make a note of your Version Number and Serial Number as well as the Viewing Card Number (if you have more than one Sky box in your house).





Step 5


Make sure the correct viewing card is selected on the site and enter the version number and serial number noted from Step 4.


Pair Card Screen


Note: It can take up to 4 hours for the activation signal to reach your box, ensure it is connected to the satellite dish and powered on at the mains until the channels are active.



Need more help?


Watch our help video below.