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Moving from O2 to Sky Broadband using a router that wasn’t supplied by O2 - How to get connected

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Moving from O2 Home Broadband to Sky and using a router that wasn’t supplied by O2?


Some O2 customers are currently using their own router (rather than the router supplied by O2) for their home broadband service and/or have their router in bridge mode.


If this is you we need you to change some settings so that you can continue to use your router once you switch over to the Sky service, and ensure there are no interruptions to your service. If you're unsure, please read the information below:


How do I know if my router was supplied by O2?


All routers supplied by O2 are clearly marked on the underside of the router. If your router has the O2 name or logo and it's not in bridge mode then you don't need to do anything. If your router is in bridge mode please read on.


What if I'm using a router that wasn't supplied by O2?


You don't need to do anything now, but after your broadband has been switched to the Sky service you'll need to adjust a few router settings to get your Sky Broadband up and running, follow the steps below: 


1.     Enter the following details within the routers Graphical User Interface (GUI):


  • Encapsulation: PPPoA (PPP over ATM)
  • login/username:
  • Idle Timeout: 0
  • Internet IP Address: Get Dynamically from ISP
  • Domain Name Server (DNS) Address: Get Automatically From ISP
  • NAT: Enable
  • Multiplexing Method: VC-BASED
  • VPI: 0
  • VCI: 38


2.       Save settings  




Your router may require a password to complete this process - this is router specific and not a requirement from us to join our network.


If you are having issues trying to find the password for your router, please refer to your user manual for the or contact the supplier.


What do I need to do if I'm using my O2 router in bridge mode?


It's simple, we need you to do a factory reset, press the reset pin on the back of the router - you can do this now. Once you've done this, you can carry on using your router as normal before you're switched over to the Sky service, but this will ensure that you have no issues once you've been switched.