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Getting started with On Demand & Catch Up TV

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On Demand allows you to unlock a world of entertainment, Catch Up TV and movies On Demand to get even more from Sky. Accessing On Demand couldn't be simpler with an easy to use menu, bags of additional features to help you control your viewing at a time that suits you and all for no additional cost.



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 This article will take you through how to get set up and get the most from On Demand.



What do I need?


To unlock TV on demand, you’ll need :


  • a Sky TV package 
  • a compatible Sky+ or Sky+HD box
  • An internet connection (connecting your Sky+HD box to a broadband router)  


How do I get started?


It’s easy to get started - you can activate On Demand by visiting


  1. Select "Sky Customer"
  2. Log In using your Sky ID and Password



You can set up your On Demand service yourself - all you need to do is connect an Ethernet cable from your compatible Sky± box to your broadband router or if your compatible Sky+ box and broadband router are in different rooms you can connect them wirelessly using our Wireless connector.



Getting Started: Wired / Wireless



Setting up On Demand couldnt be simpler whether you choose a wired or a wireless connection. Our step-by-step setup video will support you in accessing a wealth of Entertainment On Demand. To access the video click on the image below.


Wired self install of on demand.JPG




On Demand : A User Guide


To start watching shows on demand, including Catch Up TV, press the TV Guide on your Sky remote control and then the red button to access On Demand. You should see mini-icons of the programmes available, similar to the image below.


On Demand


What's Available On Demand?


catch up tv on demand sky.jpg




Catch Up TV : Keep up to date with shows from Sky, BBC iPlayer, ITV Player, Demand 5 all through your TV (with Channel 4OD coming in 2013)







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Showcase : Our picks of the weeks top TV


Library : Immerse yourself in back to back episodes of full box sets and more.


Movies : Sky Movies Customer's can choose from hundreds of Movies On Demand


Sky Store : Rent movies at the touch of a button from as little as 99p.






Connection issues & Error messages


If you’re a Sky Broadband Connect customer, you may wish to treat On Demand as a

download service as it may take longer before programmes are available to watch. You may also want to plan your On Demand viewing and set downloads in advance or outside of peak hours. Don’t forget, you can watch as many programmes as you want instantly from the Showcase section.