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Fixing "Wrong Card for Set-top Box" on screen message

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Whether you have recently upgraded your equipment to a brand new HD box or have experienced a fault which has required you to replace your Sky box you may experience the On Screen Message "This is the wrong card for this Set-top box".


All Sky viewing cards assosciated to a Sky subscription are "paired - up" to a specific Sky box. This ensures that you recieve the channels relevant to your subscription, can book box office movies, record your favourite programmes and can benefit from the wealth of extras that are available On Demand.


If you recieve the On Screen Message "Wrong Card For Set-top box" you can now activate your Viewing Card/ "pair-up" to your new box online without the need to contact us by following the below steps :


To pair your card simply go to and select Activate your channels.


You'll need to provide the model number and serial number from your new Sky box for us to pair your card successfully, to obtain these details follow the steps below.



Sky Digibox / Sky+ (1st generation White Sky+ Box)


Using your Sky Remote Control :


  1. Press the Services button
  2. The Services menu will appear on screen
  3. Using the down arrow highlight System Setup and press select
  4. Using the down arrow highlight System Details and press select


You will be presented with the System Details menu which will provide you with the information required to pair up your Sky Viewing card online.


System Details.jpg


Make a note of your Version Number and Serial Number.


If you have multiroom you should also note the viewing card number associated to the box.


Note : If the Viewing Card number is not displayed within the System Details menu please ensure that the Viewing Card is correctly inserted into the Viewing card slot on the front panel of your box.





Sky+ HD / Sky+ (New generation Sky+)


Using your Sky Remote Control :


  1. Press the Services button
  2. Scroll to Settings using the Right arrow key and press Select.
  3. Scroll along using the Right arrow key highlighting Details then press Select.






Pairing / Activating your Viewing Card Online


wrong card activation.JPG





  1. Log on to
  2. Select Activate your channels 
  3. Log in using your Sky ID and Password
  4. Select the Sky Viewing Card you wish to activate / pair up




activate my channels image.jpg





5. Type in your Version number and Serial number into the spaces indicated


6. Select Activate


Note: It can take up to 4 hours for the activation signal to reach your box, ensure it is connected to the satellite dish and powered on at the mains until the channels are active.