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Fixing picture or sound problems

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Are you experiencing problems with the picture on your TV?



If something has gone wrong with your Sky box, TV set or connections you may see:


A plain or multi-coloured screen, such as a blue or green screen with no pictures at all

A rolling or jumping picture

Programmes that should be in colour showing in black and white

Blurred or frozen images on the screen

Snowflakes (just showing moving white dots/interference)

Picture blocking (‘blocky’ or pixelated picture, image split into rectangular shapes)




Check your Sky box and TV connections


If your Sky TV picture is rolling or jumping after a reboot, turn off your equipment at the mains and check that the leads connecting your Sky box, TV and anything else (like a DVD/VCR) are firmly inserted into their sockets and your Sky viewing card is inserted into the slot marked ‘Sky viewing card’ with the arrow facing into the slot and the gold chip pointing downwards. Push in any loose leads and then turn your equipment back on and check the picture.


If any leads, pins or sockets are twisted or broken they should be professionally repaired or replaced. Contact Sky Customer Services for help with your Sky box, or contact a TV repair shop or the manufacturer for assistance with your other equipment.


If your TV set has two SCART sockets (SCART leads have oblong heads with 21 pins), try connecting your Sky box to your TV’s other SCART socket and reboot your Sky box to see if this improves the picture.


If you’re connected to your box using an HDMI cable you can also try changing the HDMI port or changing the HDMI cable if the problems persist. A faulty HDMI cable is a very common cause of sound and picture problems. 


Change your SCART settings:


If you are using a SCART lead to connect your TV and Sky+HD box, and your TV only has one SCART socket, try changing the SCART settings:


  1. Press services on your Sky remote control and you will see the main menu with Options highlighted.
  2. Highlight the Settings menu using the right arrow button and press select.
  3. Press select to enter the Picture menu.
  4. Use the up/down arrows to highlight SCART Control.
  5. Use the left/right arrows to toggle this setting to ON.
  6. Press the down arrow to highlight SCART Video Output.
  7. Use the left/right arrows to switch from RGB to PAL or vice versa.
  8. Press the green button to save your new settings.
  9. Press sky to return to normal viewing.
  10. Turn to the channel where you first noticed the problem to check if your picture has returned to normal.


Sources of TV interference


Extreme weather – please wait until snow or storms have passed before checking if your Sky TV picture is still freezing or frozen.

Broadcast problems – there may be a problem with the broadcast signal. Check other channels to see if they are also frozen.

Cordless telephones – the signal from a nearby cordless phone may affect your Sky TV picture. Move the phone and check the programme again.



Tuning your TV


Tuning your TV can improve the sound quality and may correct poor quality or missing sound. Most TV sets are easy to tune and many have auto-tune features. Use your TV remote and follow the manufacturer's instructions to tune your TV.


If tuning your TV has not fixed your issue, the poor sound quality could be due to faulty leads. If you have spare leads you may want to try replacing those that are in place already.



Poor quality sound or no sound at all


If the sound quality of your Sky TV is poor, or you cannot hear your television at all, you can use the instructions on this page to find a quick solution to the problem.


First check the basics


  1. Press vol + on your Sky remote. If this doesn't work try increasing the volume using your TV remote control or the buttons on the front of your TV.
  2. If your TV is connected to any other audio equipment, check that all equipment is switched on and working, with all cables securely connected.
  3. Is the sound quality poor on all channels? If not, the problem may be caused by the programme or channel you are watching – and you may wish to wait and see if sound problems continue during the next programme.


Please note that some issues are caused by your TV set or other equipment, so you may need to contact the manufacturer, retailer or a TV repair person. Tune your TV to check whether terrestrial channels are also affected.